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“Each [tintype] image takes 10 minutes to make, a bunch of equipment and a huge amount of light,” he explained to Instagram Blog. It’s these challenges, however, that excite Clement. “Even after shooting full time for 16 years, I still get a little kick of adrenaline each time I make a good image.”
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non-profit organization that works to educate photo-enthusiasts about photographic equipment and techniques from the collection of cameras and lenses designed for tintype photography. In fact
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Portraiture at Camp Tintype continues in 2021 Due to the overwhelming response and unprecidented demand for true 19th century authentic wet-plate collodion photography, we are offering our totally unique portrait weekends again, but with thrice as many as
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Our aim is to provide a complete resource of chemistry and equipment for both Wet Plate Collodion photography and a number of other popular alternative photographic processes.. We offer a range of startup kits, premixed collodions, fixers and other chemistry, also a range of other essential supplies such as tintype plates, glass and other substrates.
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Tintype prints, also known as ferrotypes in the United Kingdom, were popular in the 19th century for portraiture due to their low price and durability. Widely available from street vendors and studios, collectors would keep tintype portraits in small paper or metal mats.
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 · Staff Sgt. Ed Drew brought his photography equipment from art school to Afghanistan, including equipment to make tintypes — a photographic …
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Will and Norm from Tested.com visited Photobooth to get the full rundown on The Science of Tintype Photography from Shindler. During the 15 minute interview, Shindler shares with viewers not just the details of the chemical process, but also goes into depth about the type of tin plates he uses and touches on how he was able to modify his Sinar 4 x5 film camera.
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Photography Themes History Of Photography Fine Art Photography Wet Plate Collodion Tintype Photos Alternative Photography Plant Drawing Sense Of Place Art Academy the peony and the bee S. Gayle Stevens “Calligraphy consists of a series of wet plate collodion tintype photogenic drawings of plant and animal specimens I have collected on walks near my home and in my travels.
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Give the gift of Silver on Tin with an amazing Tintype Portrait Experience. Gift Certificates include portrait session and (2) tintype portraits, created using the same technique and equipment from the mid 1800’s. Enjoy a 20% discount on all Portrait Sessions through
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Archival 8.5×11 pigment print from a Tintype scan. Each print is signed on the front. “Wet plate collodion” is a term used to describe a 150-year-old photography process. World-renowned music photographer, Justin Borucki, fell in love with the process, renewing his
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Using equipment made over 160 years ago, Clement focuses on portraiture when creating his tintype images. The camera equipment dates back to a time when cameras were not mass-produced in factories – rather, they were handmade in shops by craftsmen – and taking a picture wasn’t just as simple as pressing a button.
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The Gem & Carte de Visite Tintype

History of the gem sized tintype and carte de visite mounted gems and other sizes of tintypes. The form of tintype (also referred to as ferrotype or sometimes melainotype) known as a “gem” is a small photographic image usually anywhere from 3 /4″ to 1″ wide and 1¼” high made possible by the use of a multi-lens camera with repeating back which therefore could produce multiple exposures on a
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Rockland Tintype Parlor Kit
Rockland’s Tintype Kit often referred to as a Parlour Kit, is an authentic re-creation of the tintype process, a type of instant photography, favourites in your great-grandparent’s day. These are safe, dry-plate tintypes, also known as ferrotypes, like those found in antique shops, not modern imitations.
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SN&R • Opinions • 15 Minutes • Dan Herrera: Tintype photographer • Mar 10, 2016 In an increasingly digital age, the process of taking and developing photos has only gotten easier and faster. Any idiot with a cellphone thinks he or she is an amateur photographer.