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315 Rikka Zimmerman: Joy, Peace and Possibility
I’m Melinda Wittstock and today on Wings of Inspired Business we meet an inspiring entrepreneur whose cancer diagnosis turned out to be the miracle that has propelled her to bring love and light to hundreds of thousands of people as a global leader in
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Rikka Zimmerman is a recording artist who survived a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer and now tours the world delivering inspiring and motivating transformational events with a seven-figure business. She also released an album ‘The Miracle’ last year that debuted at #19 on the Australian iTunes charts.
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Rikka Zimmerman We are infinite beings and it’s time to awaken into that reality. It’s time to embody the energy of abundance by clearing old beliefs and patterns, expanding into more power and shifting old information to draw in infinite energy.
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Rikka Zimmerman
Rikka talks all about her spiritual path to reclaiming peace, conquering cancer, identifying limiting beliefs, and learning to process the strong emotions that might cloud up our visions every day. She even leads me through a process to tap into true peace, love, and life – and I was completely blown away by it.
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Singer/Songwriter Rikka Zimmerman is someone you should know about. She’s a multi-faceted person with so much going on, yet this woman is all about sharing. I have broken down some of key elements of who Rikka Zimmerman is because maybe you know her
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Here’s to RECLAIMING your PEACE! This pod happens to be one of my favorite conversations of all-time. You’ll hear from the amazing Rikka Zimmerman, who is a global thought leader in the space of consciousness. In other words, she’s all about transformation.
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law of attraction cancer At Simply Happy Me, we love to support you to live your fullest life ever! In this post, we present to you 11 of the very best Manifesting Courses that we love, and we hope that you do too! If you’re seeking to manifest more or something, or
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New Ask Teal episode now up on YouTube! “Cancer (How to Cure Cancer?)” How to cure cancer is quite the controversial topic, with a war between
About Rikka Zimmerman | Speaker. Author and Transformational Coach

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Esmay Luck left a stable desk job in her native London to pursue a career as a recording artist in LA together with her brother Max in the acoustic duo ‘The Luck’. She had to
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Maybe you know who Rikka Zimmerman is, maybe you don’t. She’s pretty amazing in her talents and has a worldwide following. Rikka is known for the following: Singer-Songwriter: Rikka grew up around music her whole life. Her parents met in a choir and they play
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One of Rikka’s most dramatic experiences relates to her healing of cancer, which she accomplished within one year, despite having been told by doctors that she had just a few weeks to live. And still, through all her recent challenges, Rikka is unstoppable in that she exudes love and appreciation of life and is the quintessential example of someone who embraces it, each and every day.
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Rikka Zimmerman
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