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Reverse Factoring
We offer, additionally or as an alternative to the traditional way of factoring, Reverse Factoring as a means of financing your purchases. This solution gives you suitable finance facilities, protects you from occuring risks and can be utilized without rendering the debtor management by RIALTO FINANCE..
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Reverse Factoring
Forfaiting Factoring Reverse Factoring Invoice Discount Asset Finance Immobilienfinanzierung Advisory SVPs – Fonds Strukturierung von Investment Vehikeln Lizensierung von Investment Vehikeln (Malta) Fonds Services AIFs – Alternative Investment Fonds
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Supply Chain Finance vs. Factoring
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Receivables & Supply Chain Finance
factoring, forfaiting, reverse factoring/ Supply Chain Finance. View profile Related solutions FOREX linked to transactions Our trading room specialists offer tailor-made solutions for exchange issues that meet the needs of your business.
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Reverse Factoring Cos’è e a Chi è Rivolto?

Reverse factoring: di cosa si tratta e a chi si rivolge Il reverse factoring, noto anche come factoring indiretto, è un contratto che prevede l’inversione della logica applicata nel factoring tradizionale. Pensato per le imprese che hanno significativi volumi di acquisti e
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Agenzie di Rating e Reverse Factoring: una relazione …

Il Reverse Factoring nasce con l’obiettivo virtuoso di offrire pagamenti con tempistiche più brevi ai fornitori, ma è spesso oggetto di controversie tra le agenzie di rating: scopriamo in quest’articolo utili riflessioni e istruzioni per l’uso sul tema. All’inizio di Agosto, un …
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Discounting, factoring & forfaiting
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Tirana Factoring Leasing

TIRANA FACTORING & LEASE Sh.A. (TFL) is a non – bank financial institution, specializing in factoring activity (invoice discount, forfeiting, B/L financing, promissory note discount etc.) and Leasing activity. TFL has started its activity on June 2012, the company
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Excellent Forfaiting & Factoring provider. Sunday, 16 November 2014 Simple Offer of the Forfaiting and Financing Appliance The Forfaiting Offer As a rule, offers …
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Forfaitierung Definition Forfaitierung bezeichnet den Verkauf von Forderungen gegenüber ausländischen Kunden aus dem Exportgeschäft und stellt somit sowohl eine Form des Factorings als auch der Exportfinanzierung dar. Ankäufer der Forderungen (Forfaiteur) sind z.B. Kreditinstitute.
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escompte avec recours
million for the Spanish exporter and a reverse forfaiting to pay its suppliers. Pour 2002, le groupe escompte une évolution de son chiffre d’affaires en conformit
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Saradar Bank
Create new success stories for your business in Lebanon and around the globe. Your digital bank Saradar Bank is here to support you with the expertise and the financial solutions to bring them to life. Get in touch and learn about our factoring services.
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Πρακτορεία Επιχειρηματικών Απαιτήσεων (Factoring)
Πρακτορεία επιχειρηματικών απαιτήσεων (factoring) είναι η σύμβαση που καταρτίζεται εγγράφως μεταξύ ενός προμηθευτή αγαθών ή υπηρεσιών (πωλητή) και ενός πράκτορα επιχειρηματικών απαιτήσεων (factor), ο οποίος αναλαμβάνει να
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Forfaiting: a concise guide for businesses
Forfaiting example The following are key stages in a typical forfaiting transaction: The exporter and forfaiter draft an agreement based on expected receivables, or invoice payments The exporter and importer form a sales contract The exporter delivers the …