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How Redash is helping Alooma sustain a data driven culture

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By default it will use the REDASH_COOKIE_SECRET as encryption key. But we recommend setting a new key for it using the REDASH_SECRET_KEY environment variable. Note that you need to set this before running migrations .
Query and Visualize data from Amazon Redshift | Redash


Redash offers a simplified means of visualizing and collaborating on the massive amounts of data generated by tech systems. With Redash, you can quickly access billions of records in your databases and then share both the resulting data and the query that created it to display and create visualizations and dashboards.
Databricks acquires Redash. a visualizations service for data scientists | Phoenix Technology Solutions

TuneCoreの売上データCSVをS3に格納してAthenaのクエリをRe:dashのデータソースにして可視化する | ヤマムギ

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Self Hosted Redash Support 3 53 April 8, 2021 Change query owner Support 3 92 April 8, 2021 Change Group Permissions Usage Support 5 193 April 8, 2021 Google Hangouts Chat Support bug 1 56 April 8, 2021 Query stuck in 6 98 Custom sorting is

Welcome to the Red Ash World Engine

Red Ash is a generic rules set for an role playing game “RPG” and strategy game (in the future) that I have been working on for some time. My goals for this system is to design a complete rules set that can be used in any genre, but for now will focus on a fantasy
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How Redash is Helping Alooma Sustain a Data Driven Culture | Alooma
redash可以作為可視化工具,Databricks Welcomes Redash - Extends Access to Popular Tool - The Databricks Blog
使用 Redash 將 Azure 資料總管視覺化
在 Redash 中將 Azure 資料總管中的資料視覺化 Visualize data from Azure Data Explorer in Redash 11/04/2019 o o 本文內容 Redash 會連接和查詢您的資料來源,數據挖掘探索工具來用。截止目前,在權限控制,可以join。
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Business Intelligence Tools We Recommend 2/4 - Redash - Business Platform Team
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[Redash] Sunburst - iT 邦幫忙::一起幫忙解決難題。拯救 IT 人的一天
SQL Analytics
SQL-native Interface In addition to support for your existing BI tools, SQL Analytics offers a full-featured SQL-native query editor that allows data analysts to write queries in a familiar syntax and easily explore Delta Lake table schemas. Regularly used SQL …
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12 Alternatives to Redash
Redash is an open source SaaS application to query your data sources, visualize the results, build dashboards and share data with your team. It comes with a simple but powerful interface along with integrations to Slack, Zapier and more.