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Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong
The Ombudsman Ordinance also empowers The Ombudsman to investigate complaints of non-compliance with the Code on Access to Information against government departments, including the Hong Kong Police Force and the Independent Commission Against
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong

5ZWP-UYUH: Cap. 397 THE OMBUDSMAN ORDINANCE … archive of created on 2017-11-29 02:33:40+00:00.
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong

Registration and Electoral Office failing to provide statistics on …

 · PDF 檔案2011, The Ombudsman considers this complaint partially substantiated. Note Paragraph 1.4 of the Code provides that each year departments will publish: details of their organisation information on the services they provide their performance pledges6
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong

二00七年七月每月新書 NEW PUBLICATIONS JULY 2007

 · PDF 檔案The Ombudsman Ordinance (Cap. 397)(27/10/06)(Issue 36) 20.00 B03970700B0 99 性別歧視條例第480章 Sex Discrimination Ordinance (Cap. 480)(27/10/06)(Issue 36) 49.00 B04800700B0 271 保護瀕危動植物物種條例第586章 Protection of Endangered
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong


 · PDF 檔案The Ombudsman’s Report What ignited the controversy was a report by the office of the Ombudsman Ordinance and associated regulations (Cap 123). The underlying law is simple. Anyone who wishes to carry out building works must obtain permission It
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong
Labour Department
The Employment Ordinance is the main piece of legislation governing conditions of employment in Hong Kong. Since its enactment in 1968, the benefits provided for under the Ordinance have been substantially improved. It now covers a
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong

平等機會委員會 Equal Opportunities Commission

Welcome to the official website of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC). On this website, you will learn more about your rights and obligations under the anti-discrimination laws. You will also find information on our services, studies, events and programmes.
New Ombudsman of Hong Kong takes office - IOI News - IOI
中華人民共和國香港特別行政區政府 勞工處 主要勞工法例一覽
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong

消費品安全規例 Consumer Goods Safety Regulation

 · PDF 檔案Ordinance (Chapter 456, the Laws of Hong Kong). Manufacturers, importers or suppliers must not attempt to circumvent this Requirement by removing the appropriate safety
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong


 · PDF 檔案National ordinance ombudsman1 1. General provision Article 1 1. The following definitions apply for the purposes of this national ordinance and the provisions based on it: a. ombudsman: the ombudsman, as referred to in Article 2(1); b. body: an
Ombudsman Hong Kong celebrates 15th anniversary - IOI News - IOI
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Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong

(PDF) Ombudsman: The Hong Kong Experience

This is an inter-disciplinary study on the effectiveness of the Ombudsman in Hong Kong. Established in the last days of British governance in Hong Kong, the Ombudsman was
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s New Mediation Ordinance
These include, for example, mediation proceedings under sections 32(3) and 33 of the Arbitration Ordinance (Cap 609), mediation under Part IIA of the Labour Relations Ordinance (Cap 55) or under section 11B of the Ombudsman Ordinance (Cap 397) and
Office Of The Ombudsman. Hong Kong

Ombudsman’s Report on ancillary facilities for electric private vehicles …

Ombudsman’s Report on ancillary facilities for electric private vehicles Submitted by markwj on 23 October 2019 – 1:46pm Charged Hong Kong would like to thank the 香港申訴專員公署 (Office of The Ombudsman, Hong Kong) for taking up, and completing, the investigation into Government’s planning and arrangements for ancillary facilities for electric private vehicles.