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City Mascots
The Japanese are specialists in cute mascots for just about everything, including tourist attractions. This cute little guy from Hakone, near Owakudani geothermal springs and the onsen baths of the area is wearing a yukata (as you would wear in a ryokan) and his hat is shaped like the local hills.
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50 Japanese Mascots ideas
From baseball teams to giant corporations to even tiny towns, it seems that Japan has a mascot for everything. People claim that Kobe alone has 42 different mascots for everything from the city itself to recycling campaigns. In Japan, these mascots are called
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Japan’s Travel Mascot Mania
Japanese like mascots the way the internet likes cats. Every prefecture, every city, every district has a mascot. Neighborhoods have mascots. The Self Defense Force, police and fire department have mascots. Train lines and subways have mascots. TV stations
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Regional mascots are considered an important promotional tool in Japan, where most domestic companies – as well as government departments and private organisations – use cuddly characters to
Kiyotchi is the mascot of Sapporo City’s Kiyota Ward. His abstract art hat is the local logo. a K for Kiyota. Mondo Mascots (@mondomascots ...
Mascots: The secret weapon in Japan’s soft power arsenal by Patrick St. Michel What makes a good mascot? It used to be that being cute was enough, but “yuru-kyara” in the 2010s needed storylines
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 · Japan’s estimated 1,500 cuddly mascots are to be found in practically every walk of life, or the pear fairy – whose role as the unofficial mascot of the fruit-producing city of Funabashi,
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Olympic Mascots
Olympic Mascots Go to Olympic Games → Beijing 2022 Tokyo 2020 PyeongChang 2018 Rio 2016 Sochi 2014 London 2012 Vancouver 2010 Beijing 2008 Turin 2006 Athens 2004 Salt Lake City 2002 Sydney 2000 Nagano 1998 Atlanta 1996 Lillehammer 1994
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 · Some are just Meisui-kun in costumes, such as Panda Meisui-kun from Tokyo’s Taito Ward, Meisui-saurus from Fukui Prefecture, on the Sea of Japan, and Ninja Meisui-kun from the city …
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The food world’s most upsetting mascots
 · There’s Imokki, the “bad boy sweet potato” serving as an unofficial mascot for Hitachinaka City, Japan. These food mascots are cheerful, charming, and exceedingly huggable.
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Miyoshi City
To see the rustic side of Japan, skip taking a bus to Miyoshi and take a diesel-powered JR train to Miyoshi. The train line follows the river valleys all the way between Miyoshi and Hiroshima. The section near Hiroshima isn’t all that interesting but you quickly leave Hiroshima City …
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Japan is no stranger to quirky mascots, so it’s fitting to see one that responds to the times, offering hope to adults and children alike.Of course, no magical creature can truly cure us of the
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Regional Mascots as Ambassadors of Japan Are you familiar with any characters or mascots from Japan? From Hello Kitty to Doraemon, many characters are famous both within and outside Japan. Some of these are gotochi characters, or regional mascots, …
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Japan’s Civic Mascots Are Here to Stay
 · The city of Gifu alone has 10 police mascots, including a heron-headed reformed criminal named Warusagi-kun , and Damesarencon, a giant lotus root who warns against fraud.
Koka City in Shiga is famous for all things ninja. So their mascot is a cuddly ninja called Ninjaemon. Mondo Mascots (@m… | Mascot. Japanese ...

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