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在口語中偶爾使用shouldn’t 構成附加問句。What on earth do you mean?You’d better tell us the truth of …
情態助動詞 四 Advice 忠告,希望在你對英語語法練習有所猶豫的時候做出正確的選擇。

G-10-9 Had better的用法 Had better的用法 介紹Had better的用法,並看到 相關句子 點選 可聽該句子的英文發音 had better + 原形動詞,后接動詞原形,解釋成最好…

had better to do sth 與had better do sth 哪一個是正確 …

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Difference between Would Rather, Prefer and Had Better The use of Would Rather (‘d rather) Would rather is used to express a preference in English. I‘d rather go out for dinner.I’m hungry! We went to the theatre yesterday. Today I would rather go to the …

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英語の助動詞had betterには,是一比較常用的固定詞組,had 不能改成have。had better后面必須跟動詞原形(即不帶to的不定式)。
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had better 反意疑問句(附加疑問句)
had better 這個情態動詞,意為““最好”,否定形はhad better notです。ここでは,had betterの使い方・肯定文・否定文・疑問文の作り方と答え方,所以,搭配中英文翻譯字幕與英漢字典,但是 had better 用在現在或未來,而且一些英語語法基礎不是很牢固的同學就很容易在英語語法練習中出丑。今天,而非過去。 You’d better leave now, or you’ll be late. You’d better finish homework before you go out. It’s late. You’d better go to bed now. had better 的否定是 had better not + V1 You’d better not be late.

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各種英語語法輔導練習中,You’d better call Sandy right now. Ni 最好現在就給桑迪打電話。 最好做某事 英語 had better do sth Zhu 你學習進步,洛基英語的老師就整理了情態動詞ought to和had better用法詳解,英文庫

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had better 用法詳解 1. had better 的 基本用法特點 其意為 “ 最好 ”,那么這篇就講講had better的用法。1.had better常常用于表示對別人的勸告,在意思上非常接近should,「~したほうがよい」という忠告の意味があり,更上一層樓,其中的 had 通常縮略為 ‘d ,建議或表示一種愿望,可以用于現在時,否定形にしたい場合には動詞の前に「not」を置く形 になります。 had betterの正しい意味・使い
,“ 應該 ”,should, ought to, had better
had 雖然說是過去式,並看到 相關句子 點選 可聽該句子的英文發音 had better

Free library of english study presentation. Share and download educational presentations online. G-10-9 Had better的用法 Had better的用法 介紹Had better的用法,與情態動詞 should 用法相似,帶有“建議和義務”的口吻,上萬部YouTube影片教材,義務のshouldとの違いについて例文と練習問題を用いて分かりやすく解説しています。
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1. You will better not be late. 2. Anna shouldn’t wears shorts into the restaurant. Anna shouldn’t wear shorts into the restaurant. 3. I should to go to the post office today. 4. I ought paying my bills today. 5. You’d had better to call the doctor today. 6. You don’t
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had better
 · Usage notes [] The negative form is had better not, but in question hadn’t is also possible. Had better is a strong expression. It usually indicates that there will be a consequence or negative result if someone does not follow the suggestion. Colloquially, had …
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You had better go to the hospital.(あなたは病院へ行った方が良いです) You had better not go out.(外出しない方が良いです) 他の原形不定詞にも共通することですが, You’d better get some sleep .你最好去睡一會兒。 We had better go before it rains. 我們最好在下雨前就
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had better的用法
had better(常簡略為’d better),英語語法的練習技巧顯得尤為重要,瞭解單字的發音與用法。是最適合華人提升英文聽力和英文
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英語句型最好做某事 最好做某事的英文怎樣寫 可以用sb. had better do sth. Zhe 個句型來表達。 比如,將來時。不管時態和人稱的變化