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Genelec 著名的準確性和可靠性將適合您的工程和您的空間。』 體積299x189x178mm,可以應付那種輸出特別大的民用設備。
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Genelec 8030C PM Active Monitor
Genelec 8030C PM The Genelec 8030C is a 50W LF/50W HF bi-amplified active monitor with 5″ woofer and 3/4″ metal dome tweeter built for small studios and edit suites featuring a 4dB SPL higher output than previous versions, power- and speaker-saving circuitry, and acoustically invisible cabinet design—Producer Grey finish (P), magnetically shielded (M). The 8030C is a compact nearfield
GENELEC 8030C LOUDSPEAKER Active. 2-way. 50/50W. class D amplifiers. studio. dark grey. (pair)

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The Genelec name carries a lot of weight in the Pro Audio industry. Genelec are known for one thing only – quality. A name that is as synonymous with desirable and quality monitors as Fender is with guitars, the 8030B holds it’s head up high. Whilst Genelec
Genelec 8030B Compact 2-way Active Monitor (White) LN58187 - 8030BWM | SCAN UK

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Buy Genelec 8030C 5″ 2-Way 100W Active Studio Monitor (Single, Producer Finish) featuring 5″ Woofer, 3/4″ Metal-Dome Tweeter, 100W Class-D Amplification, Proprietary Waveguide, Bass Reflex Port, Treble and Bass Controls, Low-Diffraction Aluminum Enclosure, Balanced XLR Input, Automatic Power-Saving Mode, Multiple Mounting Options, Includes Isolation Stand. Review Genelec 8030C
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Genelec 8030c
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Genelec 8330 APM. Martikainen was, by all accounts, an engineer who stuck … But they aren’t designed to give you a good experience playing guitar. It designs and produces products especially for professional studio recording, mixing and mastering applications, broadcast, and movie production. Hey guys, From the reviews I’ve seen, these monitors have very similar characteristics; however the
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Genelec 8030 Sound Quality
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Genelec 8030 LSE Power Pak 5.1 System with (5) 8030B Studio Monitors and (1) 7060B Subwoofer - Black

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Genelec | 8040 | 8030 | 8030 | $4200 ADAM | A77X | A7X | A7X | $4600 For the subwoofer: I would like to hear write-in suggestions that will suit the above aptmt and speaker setup for a max budget of $1000. Subs with freq. response from 20Hz to 120Hz with not
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Genelec 8030.LSE Broadcast Pak
Genelec, the world’s longstanding pioneer in active monitoring, offers its new BroadcastPak. Composed of five 8030A Bi-Amplified Monitors and a 7050B Active Subwoofer, the BroadcastPak offers a space-saving 5.1 The Genelec 8030.LSE Broadcast Pak is a multichannel system that comprises five 8030B* bi-amplified active studio monitors and 70W 7050B active subwoofer designed for space-challenged
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Genelec 8030 LSE Triple Play 3pc Monitoring System with (2) 8030B Studio Monitors and (1) 7050B Subwoofer
Genelec 8030C (Pair)
Every Genelec 8030C monitor comes with an Iso-Pod(Isolation Positioner/Decoupler) as standard. The Iso-Pod is a clever mounting stand, which allows the system to perform in either the vertical or horizontal position. It also enables the acoustic axis of the while
,去掉了前面板的旋鈕。) M的靈敏度調整是三檔調節,這兩個 …

(補充,可以避免上面所說的擰旋鈕的誤差。靈敏度的可調范圍比8000系列更大(8030除外),不要妥協於現況。憑藉8030C,不能連續調整,GENELEC 8030B MONITOR STUDIO ATTIVO 80W -
禾豐音響 公司貨保固1年+含發票 芬蘭製 GENELEC 8030C 監聽喇叭 一對 另8020D ADAM A7
Genelec 8030,8020 升級改版了,規格上又更加強,聲壓104dB
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Compare Genelec 8030C vs Genelec 8330A vs Genelec 8040B vs Genelec 8340A Press Enter for Accessibility for blind people who use screen readers Press Enter for Keyboard Navigation Press Enter for Accessibility menu Accessibility
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關于監聽音箱的選擇。GENELEC的8030A和M030,8030B 在 2017 年已升級為 8020D,8030C, 更大音量 最大聲壓級增加了 4 dB。 更大功率 『當工作空間有限時,8020C