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Australia (AUS) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners
In 2019 Australia imported $209B, making it the number 23 trade destination in the world. During the last five reported years the imports of Australia changed by -$6.73B from $215B in 2014 to $209B in 2019. The most recent imports of Australia are led by …
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About Australia
It is the world’s twelfth largest economy and a top performing nation on almost every measure of excellence, from health to wealth, from ease of doing business to educational attainment. With low unemployment, low inflation and a highly skilled workforce, and with strong links with the fastest-growing region in the world – the Indo-Pacific – Australia’s economy …
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FactCheck: how strong is Australia’s economy?

Perhaps a better way to assess the strength of Australian economy is to look directly at the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators. For this purpose, Table 2 summarises current and future expected
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Economic Indicators for Australia including actual values, historical data charts, an economic calendar, time-series statistics, business news, long term forecasts and short-term predictions for Australia economy.
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Australia from The World Bank: Data Explore raw data about the World Bank’s finances – slice and dice datasets; visualize data; share it with other site users or through social …
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Is the Australian economy stable after all?

And last week global ratings agency Fitch confirmed the Australian economy’s AAA credit rating. The makes Australia one of only eight members of the “9As Club” which – rather than meaning we’re getting straight As in the High School of the World – means that Australia is one of the few countries that has been awarded an AAA rating from all three global ratings agencies: S&P, Fitch
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Natural gas has power to turbocharge economy

 · A recent EY report showed with the right policy settings, the oil and gas industry has the potential to increase economic value to the Australian economy by …
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How China’s trade restrictions are affecting the …

The Australian Government has also responded positively, promoting the rebuilding of Australian manufacturing as something that could create much-needed jobs in the months and years ahead. In October, the federal government launched a “new era of manufacturing” as part of its JobMaker Plan to rebuild the economy…
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Australia History

The First World War had a devastating impact on Australia. In 1914 the male population of Australia was less than 3 million, yet almost 400 000 of them volunteered to fight in the war. As many as 60 000 died and tens of thousands more were wounded. Out of this
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Ten impacts of the Australian bushfires
The price tag to the Australian economy is still being analyzed, but it’s clear that infrastructure has been damaged and that impacts extend to industries such as farming and tourism. Some businesses and institutions have been forced to close their doors …
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10 Facts about Food Production and Consumption in …

Australian fresh food production is valued at more than $42 billion annually, and contributes many millions of export dollars to the Australian economy. Here’s 10 facts about Australian food production and consumption. 52% of Australia’s land mass is …
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Post-war Economies (Australia)
The Australian economy took advantage of Britain’s recovery from the depression. To promote industrialisation and absorb the unemployed, who probably accounted for a quarter of the workforce during the worst period of the depression around 1932, the government encouraged British and foreign multinational firms to set up operations in Australia, behind its high tariff wall.
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The Australian government’s decision to cut benefits is …

 · The Australian government’s decision to cut benefits is based on feelings, not facts Richard Denniss Let’s pretend that evidence did matter for a few minutes and look at the reality of the job market and the economy
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Live Export Facts
The Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) ASEL, which came into effect in December 2004, adopts a whole-of-chain approach to animal welfare, setting out regulatory standards across the export process from the sourcing and preparation of livestock …